Come To Shikoku

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Come To Shikoku

Kagawa is great, and surely you must come here. Chances are, when you arrive in Shikoku you will likely arrive in Takamatsu first. It is accessible by air, and has frequent flights coming in through Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei. In addition, if you are in Okayama you can be in Takamatsu in an hour when you ride the Marine Liner Train over the Seto Inland Sea.

Takamatsu is the launching pad for your Shikoku adventure, and we hope you will travel, explore, and discover Kagawa on your own. We want you to have incredible stories to write here, and people to meet on your path.

But… there is more. There is life and places to go even further as you travel throughout Shikoku. Tokushima, Kochi, and Ehime prefectures have their own unique and important treasures. We hope to introduce you to those places as well.

There are places to go, beaches to walk on, food to try, winds to feel on your face, and miles to go before you sleep.

Will add links and data here as we go along!







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