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Now that you know a little about who we are and a little about our professional background, we need to get to the “heart of the matter”. How can we help you?

Many clients that we deal with have a hard time connecting to the Japanese market. Who can we talk to? How can we reach them? We cannot speak or write Japanese, so how can we make contact?

Companies that we work with in the travel industry are very keen to provide experiences in Japan. And while booking flights to Tokyo and Kyoto is easy enough on line, there is still a huge untapped abundance of rich deep Japan experiences to be had when you leave the main island of Honshu and explore more remote locations.

We are deeply connected to all regions of Shikoku, and have an incredible network of cultural, artistic, and adventure experiences just waiting for the Western world to discover. As you scroll through the blog updates you can easily see the breadth and depth of things to explore.

For those working in media we are the best and most qualified source of networking connections for your story or report. For those in tourism, we have a wealth of contacts in many deep Japan experiences that we are delighted to plug you into. For those in the spirits and sake industry, or those who are keen to explore the unique cullinary world that is here, we know many sake breweries and people in the food industry you should meet.

We are very proud of the work we have done in the past, and delighted to assist new clients looking to connect with Shikoku. As the Concierge for Shikoku Tourism, we continually advise those who are looking for information on the region. As business owners ourselves we understand how important it is to develop strong trustworthy links with other businesses, and the need for reliable mediation.

Email us to begin the discussion. We will get you on track.

Mark Groenewold

President, englishbiz

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