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88 Temple Pilgrimage


If you are coming to Kagawa, you will no doubt hear something, or see something, about the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. This is really a huge experience, and one that can be explored in a day, a week, or over many months and years.

The pilgrimage route itself is spread out through the four prefectures that make up Shikoku. Starting in Tokushima prefecture, moving down through Kochi prefecture, up to Ehime prefecture, and then coming through Kagawa prefecture. The path is the circumference of the whole island and there are 88 designated temples to visit along the way. There are a bunch of other “off the track” temples that are part of the pilgrimage as well, but people tend to stick to the main 88.

I am in the process of developing a website that celebrates and explores the pilgrimage in some detail. It is a work in progress but you are most warmly welcome to go and take  look at it. My feeble blogging and writing is there in all its glory. Click here and weep:

I started to get out and explore the temples from a few years back. It was a “gyaku-uchi” year so pilgrims start at temple 88 and the work their way down to temple number 1. I must admit, I was unsure what I was getting myself into, but I had the most amazing experience, and I hope that you can have one of your very own as you walk through the temples of Kagawa and beyond.

Check out some of these photos and get a little taste of what awaits should you decide to come out this way.

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