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88 Temple Pilgrimage

One of most incredible features of Shikoku is the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. It runs like a zen ring around the island region and threads together the four prefectures through a series of 88 temples. Founded over a century ago by the high priest, Kukai, the pilgrimage is considered a sacred route. You can see pilgrims walk the course in their white vestments, their straw hats, and holding walking sticks.

But the pilgrimage is not reserved only for the Japanese. You too, are warmly welcome to walk the path of Kukai. The route itself is over 1200 kilometers long and pilgrims and visitors can experience the route for a day, a week, or as long as they like. There are even full-time “Ohenro” pilgrims who circle the island endlessly, repeating the route in search of enlightenment and deeper self-awareness.

There is a sister-website to this one called: Your Pilgrimage in Japan. Initially fashioned after a book that I wrote it is now a portal to help visitors come to Japan and to prepare for their own pilgrimage. We are partnered with travel designers and major travel agencies in Tokyo to arrange and facilitate all the elements and reservations necessary. Feel free to check it out:

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