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Megijima is the island of devils. If you are familiar with the story of Momotaro, you will know about this island. If you do not know the story of Momotaro, I will gladly give you a quick synopsis.

A long long time ago, a childless couple discovered a peach as it floated by on the river. They picked up the peach to eat it but discovered that there was a boy inside. The boy explained that he was sent from heaven for them. Delighted to have a son and heir, they named him “Momotaro”. “Momo” means “peach”, and “taro” means “eldest son”. They lived happily together for years and the old couple enjoyed watching their son grow. 

As the boy came of age he decided to strike back against the group of marauding and plundering devils (called “oni” in Japanese) who lived on a local island. Along his journey to exact vengeance he met his travel companions: a monkey, dog, and pheasant. Together they infiltrated the lair of “oni”, defeated their enemies, captured the leader, and returned the treasure to the people who had been exploited by these devilish bandits for so long. 

As you can imagine, they lived happily every after.

So, that is the story of Momotaro, but now you can visit the place where these devils were hiding, skulking about, and hatching their wicked plans. That place is Megijima!

Easily accessible from Takamatsu port, a short ferry ride and you are there. You can walk up the hill or ride in the local bus which leaves periodically at regular intervals.

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