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Teshima is one of the islands that participates in the Setouchi Art Festival every three years. It is located between Naoshima and Shodoshima and is home to about one thousand people. In 2010, the art museum opened there. It is a beautiful place to visit for a few hours to take in the art, and enjoy the beautiful scenic views on all sides.

One very cool place of note is the Yokoo House where you can see some very creative and curious creations. You can see their page in detail here:

Yokoo House

The main attraction for Teshima is the Teshima Art Museum, with its very austere and cool construction. This is the kind of art that patrons can stand within, isolated, detached, and yet part of the Teshima natural environment. Experiential art is a term to describe it, but very interesting to be “within” the art and the message of the artist.

Check it out at Teshima Art Museum.


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