Come To Kagawa

Undiscovered Japan: A Spiritual Destination

Cultural Activities


This page will have details about cultural experiences that people can have when visiting Kagawa.

Our areas are:

Tea ceremony

Flower arrangement.

Kimono Wearing and Photography

Udon Making

Japanese Confectionary Making

Zen Meditation

Japanese cooking in Japan.


In the days and weeks to come, local artists and craftspeople will be making themselves available for you to contact them, have a session or a class, and do something very unique and original here in Japan. Whether it is sitting in zen meditation in an authentic temple, learning how to participate in a tea ceremony, how to dress in traditional kimono, how to make Japanese food, or even how to try your hand at flower arrangement or calligraphy, this page will be the place that will have the index you need to follow. Links to be included as to how to make contact, reserve time, pay fees if necessary, and to get to various locales easily and smoothly.

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