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Why Shikoku?

When people think about Japan there are so many vivid images that flood our imagination. Tokyo downtown at night, the neon lights reflected on the streets and mirrored buildings. Kyoto bamboo paths with their green trunks reaching up to the sky. Okinawan music, the blue water, the palm trees on white sand. 

These are all parts of Japan, beautiful and exciting parts. Our friends and guests that visit us in Shikoku go and experience all these. We hope you will too.

But Shikoku is different. Shikoku is unique. Tucked away under the main island of Honshu, Shikoku was the part of Japan that most visitors would zip past on their bullet trains. Shikoku was the island called “The Pure Land” that most visitors did not even know existed.

And yet, life on Shikoku trundled on. The 88 Buddhist Temple pilgrimage, the zen ring of enlightenment that traces the edges of Shikoku, continued through the centuries with its white-robed pilgrims. The islands in the Seto Inland Sea slept undisturbed, that is until recently when they have sprung to life with modern art exhibits and an incredible Modern Art Triennale that comes every three years.

Shikoku is the “Undiscovered Japan” or “The Deep Japan” or “The Ancient Japan” that we also have in our imaginations, among those of concrete urban cultures of Shinjuku and Osaka, or the well-trodden paths of Kyoto’s Gion District. Shikoku is home to castles, gardens, bonsai, pilgrims, yuzu fruit, olives, exuberant summer and autumn local festivals, tea fields, cat islands, ancient temples, udon noodles, mighty mountain shrines, and deeply kind and friendly people.

I’ve lived here since 2007. I don’t think I’ll live anywhere else.

Having had a chance to live here for so long with my family, and learning and growing along the way, my wife, Kazuyo, and I decided to do our part to help promote and support Inbound Tourism here. We’ve been active working with Shikoku Tourism as their Official Concierge. We’ve been advisors for a number of institutions, businesses, and people in the hospitality industry.

We also work closely with Travel Companies and together we plan out and design your Shikoku Adventure.

We love Shikoku and we want you to have your own “Deep Japan” experience. Being hard-wired into many of the unlisted and “off the beaten track” experiences to be had here, we help people have the Japan experience that they dreamed of, after the Tokyo cityscape and Kyoto majesty are seen and tasted.

We have several menus for those interested in the following experiences:

PILGRIMAGE: 88 Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku At Your Pace

ART: Explore ART Islands in the SETO Inland Sea

FOOD AND DRINK: The Treasures of Travel!

We mix and match these activities and experiences to suit your Shikoku ambitions. You can stay for a few days, or a few weeks. There really is so much to do and see.

Contact us here and let us help you see the Japan seldom seen. Just click on the link below and tell us what how you want to start the journey of a lifetime. We really are in your “bucket-list” zone.

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