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As an alternative to a hotel, a guesthouse is something you may wish to take a look at. What makes a guesthouse attractive to visitors is that it gives people a chance to connect with other travellers. While it is great to be on the road on your own sometimes, it can also be a great treasure to meet other travellers, other pilgrims, and people from other places around the world to communicate with, share ideas, and just have fun.

Guesthouses are also terrific alternatives to hotels for families that want to keep within a workable budget, and also give kids a place to hang out, relax, and feel a bit “at home” between outings of parents dragging them off to all the cultural and historical places that may not hold the same fascination for them.

Right now there is a new booming growth of guesthouses coming up in Takamatsu. On this page we will highlight the ones that we recommend for visitors, and hopefully give you a lot of information into the place and the owners so you can decide if their guesthouse is the place you want to hang your hat.








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