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Over 20 plus years of working professionally in Japan I have had wonderful opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of professionals. I have worked as an educator, a writer, a media producer, and executive consultant. With my wife and partner, Kazuyo, we also run a very successful chain of language schools in Kagawa Prefecuture to help the next generation of Japanese kids become bilingual.

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Here are some of my credentials:

Educator: Associate Professor at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Technology, MacEwan University, Concordia University

Writer: Author of martial arts best seller, “Karate the Japanese Way” and “Your Pilgrimage in Japan”

Media Consultant and Producer: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, 114 Bank Economic Council, Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites Pilgrimage Reijokai

Executive Consultant: Ishikawa Seisakusho, Yokoyama Shokai, Hitachi, SONY, JR Shkoku, National Tax Office Japan (sake promotions)

Inbound Consultant: Shikoku Tourism Concierge

Along the way we have also done a large number of smaller projects, editing, website development and construction, marketing, and seminars with smaller companies, hotels, local and regional tourism agencies, Japanese sake companies, and even UNESCO. We are very happy and proud to do work that promotes and supports local and regional companies and agencies that are focussed on improving life today with an eye on preserving and planning for future generations.

We are currently working with agencies and companies locally, developing several creative and constructive projects. If you feel like we may be a good fit in working together, please contact me at

Your successful connection to Japan, and sustaining positive long term relationships is our mission.

Thank you so much for coming to visit, and I look forward to communicating with you soon.

Mark Groenewold

Takamatsu, Kagawa-ken, Japan

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