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How to Come To Shikoku

Planning a trip to Japan can be a bit stressful. How do I book my hotel? How can I communicate with Japanese people if I don’t speak their language? How do I get from place to place? How do I arrange for meals and express what I would like to do?

All very reasonable concerns, and all of which we are able to handle smoothly and professionally. From 2022, we have partnered with an astonishing travel design firm in Kyoto and a couple of powerhouse travel agencies in Tokyo to handle all bookings and to provide access to places which are typically inaccessible to outside visitors.

Before you “come to Shikoku” you will first “come to Tokyo” and then also probably “come to Kyoto”. Our team is able to take you from the airport Arrival Gate all the way through to your Deep Japan adventure here in Shikoku and back again. Trust us with the details as we consult with you for a tailor-made itinerary.

Tokyo is the sleepless city, the neon haiku, the mega city of electric concrete and synchronized mayhem. But Tokyo is also a place of retro hotels and classic Japanese bars and restaurants. Come along with us to the hidden places where Tokyoites end the busy day, and explore real Tokyo life with locals.

After a couple days in Tokyo we will also take you via bullet train to Kyoto. Our travel design partners have deep connections and relationships with top sushi chefs, top-ranked geisha houses, and access to hidden spaces in UNESCO World Heritage sites. Accommodations are traditional and elegant. Service is sublime, and everything looks like it fell out of a dream. Experience traditional Kyoto in a truly marvelous and unique manner. This is no tour bus. Our plans are sculpted around our client’s hopes for their deep Japan experience and made possible through personal relationships with expert and master artisans in traditional crafts and cuisine.

After two or three days in the Ancient Capital we bring you across the sea to Shikoku for your Deep Japan experience. Take some time in Tokushima to cruise alongside whirlpools and participate in the traditions of the Awa Dance. Visit Naoshima, the famous “Art Island” of the Seto Inland Sea. Take a day or two and walk as a Shikoku pilgrim to refresh, heal, and deepen your self-awareness.

Talk with us about what you would like with your Japan Adventure. Consultation and travel design takes a couple weeks of close consultation with you, and we ensure that each stage of your experience is well designed and fitted to your needs. We look forward to your journey to Japan. Contact us at:

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